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2021-2022 Board of Director Elections

Are you thinking of running for a position? Check out the information below to get prepared!


Nominations for our Board of Directors are now open!

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Election Information

Regional Elections

Regional elections will take place in the following provinces:

  • British Columbia (1 seat)
  • Alberta (1 seat)
  • Manitoba (1 seat)
  • Ontario (2 seats)
  • Quebec (1 seat)
  • Atlantic (1 seat)

Road to Running Map

Candidate Requirements

All candidates must:

  • Be a member in good standing
  • Hold the AMP or AMPC designation in good standing
  • Have a primary place of business located in the region they wish to represent
  • Be nominated by someone in their region

Not currently an AMPC or AMP, but would still like to run for the Board? Based on your current experience and qualifications, there may still be time!

Please visit mortgageproscan.ca/designation for more info or contact our Education Team at education@mortgageproscan.ca.

Important Dates

  Nominations Open   Monday, August 16
  Nominations Close   Friday, September 24
  Voting Opens   Wednesday, October 6
  Voting Closes   Wednesday, October 13
  AGM (Online)   Thursday, October 28


Important Information – Please read prior to submitting a nomination. 
In order to ensure diverse representation on the Board, and to ensure there is no possibility of any one group being deemed to have excessive influence or control over the affairs of the Association, the Bylaws limit representation of any “Business Group” (Schedule A of the Bylaws) to no more than four (4) Regional Directors. This limitation is achieved through the nomination process, thus ensuring any successful nominee is fully compliant regardless of election results. 


The Road to Running… Learn the “HOW” Behind Running for the Board!

Watch the replay of our The Road to Running…The “HOW” Behind Running for the Board webinar. Information is power and we are going to give you the road map to get involved!

Why run for the MPC Board?

Get an overview of the association and its activities, and how your role as a board member plays a major part.