Federal Matters 

MPC Presents to FINA

Read MPC testimony before House of Commons

Housing Results of Budget

Aspects of housing affordability seen as good news.

Leading the Charge

G&M seeks our input on pressure to help homebuyers in March budget.

30 Year Amortization

Read statement on reintroduction of 30-year ams on insured mortgages.

Improving Housing Affordability

Valuable tool for members when meeting with election candidates.

Housing and 2019 Election

We are encouraging meetings with government officials on affordability and their election campaign.

Pre-2019 Budget Consultation - REVISED

We have submitted a revised Pre-Budget Consultations document in advance of the 2019 Budget.

Advocacy Efforts Recognized

We are pleased to be one of the lobbying groups having the most contact with public officials.

Common Housing Message to Government

We were pleased to participate in national housing discussions on common messaging to government.

Advocacy Efforts on Parliament Hill

Meetings were held with MPs and officials on the importance of our industry and rule change concerns.

2019 Pre-Budget Presentation

Discussing mortgage rules ahead of the 2019 budget during the Standing Committee on Finance.

Owning vs. Renting a Home in Canada

Report finds homeownership is the affordable alternative as rent costs continue to soar.

Discussion Paper on Posted Mortgage Interest Rates

Insight and analysis into the Bank of Canada’s posted rates, & their effect on the mortgage market.

Tax Code Submission

Our recommendations to the federal government to limit the impact the proposed tax changes could have on member businesses.

Submission to OSFI

Our formal written submission to OSFI, in response to the recently released draft changes to Guideline B-20.

Recent Federal Mortgage Eligibility Changes

An overview of the recent federal mortgage eligibility changes and our recommendations to the government.

Tax Code Update

Federal Finance Minister Morneau announced the launch of consultations aimed at implementing tax code changes to tax planning strategies involving the use of private corporations.

Consumer Survey Report Spring 2017

Chief Economist Will Dunning reveals how Canadians are feeling overall about the economy and recent government changes in our latest edition of our survey report, Consumers’ Perspectives on Homebuying in Canada.

FINA Announcement

On Thursday, April 13, the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance released a report on Canada’s housing markets.

Standing Committee on Finance Follow Up

Many of our members have been asking about the next steps following the Standing Committee on Finance’s study regarding the recent mortgage rule changes. Here is what we know and how we expect the next steps to unfold over the coming months.