Maintain Your AMP

Requirements to Maintain Your AMP Designation

1) Continuing Education Requirements

Complete 12 Continuing Education units each year, four of which must be from the following compulsory categories:

  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Fraud Avoidance
  • Housing and Mortgage Economics
  • Advertising and Marketing Standards

For more information on the Continuing Education requirements, access online courses or to view the Continuing Education Program Guidelines - click here.

To view all mortgage education course offerings - click here

2) Experience Requirements

Mortgage Originators

  • Residential
    must have completed a minimum of 24 funded deals per year for each of the past two years.
  • Commercial
    must have completed a minimum of 15 funded commercial deals with a minimum total value of $10 million for each of the past two years.

Management and Compliance
must have overseen a minimum of 100 deals per year for each of the past two years. This category includes those responsible for deal oversight including team leads, hub-underwriters and other review roles.

Annual Attestation
You will receive an Annual Attestation confirming the above-mentioned requirements have been met. Please complete it within two weeks. Supporting documentation may be requested upon audit.

3) Submit your AMP fees upon your respective annual renewal date

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