Courses and Exams

Broker Applicants

Where there is no licensing or education requirement, broker applicants must have completed an approved mortgage industry proficiency course.

Non-Broker Applicants

Must show proof of completion of a proficiency course equivalent to entry-level mortgage education.

AMP Optional Courses - Broker and Non-Broker streams
The following courses, while not required, are strongly recommended prior to writing the National Competency Exam.

Technical Industry Knowledge

  • Residential Mortgage Underwriting from a Lender’s Perspective - Both streams
  • Understanding Specialized Mortgages - Both streams
  • Understanding Real Estate Transactions - Both streams

Ethics and Professional Conduct

  • Mortgage Practice Standards - Broker stream only
  • Ethical Practice in the Mortgage and Lending Industry - Non-Broker stream only\


Real Estate and Mortgage Economics and Investments

  • Real Estate and Mortgage Economics and Investments - Both streams

Regulation and Legislation

  • The Regulatory and Compliance Environment - Both streams

Strategy and Business Management

  • Strategy and Business Management - Broker stream only
  • Human Resources Management - Broker stream only
  • Business Management - Non-Broker stream only