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Designationware™ START RIGHT – Professional Designation Preparation Learnware Design Inc., a Canadian-owned training design and consulting firm providing clients with advice on the development of their corporate and divisional learning strategies. Mortgage Professionals Canada and Learnware Design Inc. have partnered together to provide mortgage professionals across Canada with tools to strategically and effectively enhance their knowledge.

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Course Description

 If you’ve registered for your professional designation, you’re probably wondering, ‘Now what do I do?’ Like most candidates you are working full-time and have ongoing family and other community commitments. How do you fit it all in? What’s the best path to follow to achieve your professional designation? What actions will support your success?

The Designationware™ Professional Designation Achievement Site will provide you with access to 3 online programs equipped with specific tools and resources to ensure you get organized and focused on high value preparation actions. You will be guided through the recommended steps to make the most of your available time and effort. You will achieve your professional designation with less stress and in less time.

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