Real Estate and Mortgage Economics and Investments (Non-Broker Stream)

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Real Estate and Mortgage Economics and Investments was developed in collaboration with the University of British Columbia, Sauder School of Business: Real Estate Division, a leading provider of industry–driven, online distance education programs.

Mortgage Professionals Canada and the Sauder School of Business have introduced six new courses on a number of key industry-related topics in support of professional development and the AMP National Competency Exam – Non-Broker Stream.

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Underwriters should have a solid understanding of the macro-economic factors that affect the housing and mortgage markets in order to more fully assess how trends in these marketplaces may affect their borrowers (e.g. employment situation), the value of property securing the loan, and mortgage interest rates and products. Knowledge of financial planning and budgeting will also assist loan adjudicators with assessing a borrower’s plans and ability to meet his/her mortgage obligations, and to determine the most suitable mortgage product/terms for the borrower’s specific needs.

Underwriters should also be informed of the various sources of mortgage funds, including financing available from Mortgage Investment Corporations and syndicated mortgages, and the role of mortgage investment products in raising funds.

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