Accredited Mortgage Professional of Canada

The AMPC Designation Program consists of four mandatory courses and a summative designation examination. The Program is expected to take approximately 40 hours to complete, and contains education materials related to basics of real estate transaction in Canada, in depth analysis of residential mortgage underwriting practises, an overview of commercial and specialized mortgage lending, and discussions and case studies of ethical practise in the mortgage industry.

AMPC Designation Badge

The four mandatory courses are:

Upon successful completion of the four mandatory AMPC courses, a member will become eligible to register for the AMPC Designation Examination. The Examination is three hours in length and is comprised of multiple choice questions. The pass mark is 75%.

Who would be a typical AMPC candidate?
Here are some sample profiles


Jane has been a mortgage broker for almost 2 years. She has had some success in her first two years in the business and is fortunate to have found some supportive mentors to help her grow her client list and book of business. She continues to strengthen her relationships with her underwriters and is enjoying the industry. Jane has a strong desire to gain a more thorough understanding of real estate and underwriting, with a focus on providing improved professionalism and expertise for her clients, as well as strengthening her relationships with her underwriters through improved application submission quality and a sympathetic understanding of their respective challenges. All of this will help Jane become more successful.


Michael has worked junior roles in the residential underwriting department for a national mortgage lender for last 5 years, having taken on the role of underwriter just over one year ago. Michael understands that relationship building in this industry is important and feels that being seen as a knowledgeable and trustworthy advisor to his broker partners is how he will strengthen those relationships. He believes that gaining a better understanding of real estate law and underwriting best practices will help him become a stronger underwriter, which in turn will strengthen his industry relationships and set him apart from his peers.

Eligibility Criteria

Program Advantage


Differentiation and Specialization


Professional and Personal Growth


Increased Industry Knowledge