About Designationware™ 

Mortgage Professionals Canada is pleased to be partnering with Learnware Designs Inc. to enhance its professional development course offerings. These courses are in addition to MPC’s existing lineup of comprehensive education opportunities.  

This series of Learnware courses are designed to help you prepare for the AMP designation and other industry-related examinations. If it has been a while since you were in a learning environment, you may not be prepared for the concentrated effort that is required to successfully achieve your goals. Brush up on your study skills and get back into the rhythm of learning efficiently and effectively to ensure you are ready to master the process and take your career to the next level! 

Completing the online modules and using the tools and resources available on the Designationware™ platform, you will gain:

  • increased confidence throughout the professional designation process
  • skills and strategies to gain, retain, recall, and reuse new knowledge and skills
  • greater learning retention for improved job performance and exam(s) results
  • strategies to prepare for the exam(s) more effectively and efficiently
  • higher marks on the exam(s)

Become an expert learner by gaining the vital skills and strategies you need to not only learn what you need to learn but also achieve great marks! 

The Designationware™ platform is designed to guide learners through the professional designation achievement process that works for any licensing, certification, or accreditation program. Click the tabs on the left navigation pane to learn more about the available courses!