Designationware™ START RIGHT - 
Professional Designation Preparation

You've registered for your professional designation. Now what? This combination package of 3 online learning programs will ensure you know where to start and what to do to achieve your professional designation in less time and with less stress.

3 Online Programs

Designationware™ START RIGHT – Professional Designation Preparation

You only have so much time to complete your professional designation. Don’t waste your time and energy.  Follow a proven path to get ready for achieving your professional designation.  Learn what you need to do and why specific actions, when completed, will support your success.

  • 5 Online Modules + Videos + Assignments + Tools + Workbook
  • 8 hours
  • Course Syllabus

Brilliant Brainloading™ Bootcamp – The Neuroscience of Learning 

Do you have any knowledge and skills gaps?  If you do, then learn faster, smarter and better by following a proven process to accelerate your competence.  Discover how to take in and mentally process any new knowledge and skills so your brain gains, retains, recalls and reuses what needs to be learned.

    PART 1 - Brilliant Brainloading™ Process - Your Learning Brain

  • 12 Online Modules + 24 Videos + Exercises + Tools + Guide
  • 5 hours

    PART 2 - Brilliant Brainloading™ Practice - ACTION!

  • 10 Online Modules + 10 Videos + Practice Assignments + Tools + 9 Practice Workbooks
  • 8 hours

Get Great Marks! Master Multiple Choice Exams™

Pass your professional designation exam(s) the first time!  Gain the 5 exam-taking skills and 25 exam-taking strategies you need to overcome any multiple choice exam challenge. You will learn how to read, interpret and select the right answers with greater confidence and accuracy.

  • 9 Online Modules + Videos + Exercises + Tools + 6 Online Practice Exams
  • 8 hours

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