Navigating the "New Normal" Together 

Supporting the Mortgage Broker Industry in the Age of COVID-19

Several months have passed since the Coronavirus was declared a pandemic. As the weeks go on, we are slowly getting used to this “new normal” and many of us are now taking a look at how we move forward in these still uncertain times. Your MPC team will be hosting live and interactive content on an ongoing basis to help our members find their new equilibrium.

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Scheduled webinars have now been completed. Recordings of these webinars can be found on our website.

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Supercharge Your Day! – How to Hard Wire Healthy Habits for a Successful 2020 and Beyond

What is the COVID-19 pandemic here to teach us?  Join us as we leverage adversity and reframe our lives to create healthy lifestyles, drive career and financial growth and improve relationships.

Webinar Details: Tuesday, May 26 - 2:00 pm EDT (30 Minutes)

Cost: Free (exclusive for Members/AMPs) 


Susan Thomas
Regional Manager with Invis Mortgage Intelligence and a Level One CrossFit Trainer

Fraud Affecting the Canadian Mortgage Industry

There are many types of fraud that affect the Canadian mortgage industry. These frauds can be committed by borrowers, brokers, lenders, lawyers, and real estate agents to name a few. And while many people feel that fraud is a victimless crime, committing fraud affects everyone in the mortgage eco-system. Join Ed as he shares tips on how brokers can identify signs of fraud and what steps they can take to protect themselves and their business.

You will learn:

  • The different types and forms of fraud (such as income, transactional and occupancy) that are taking place in the industry
  • The mortgage journey and opportunities for those committing fraud to intercept the process
  • The impact of fraud on borrowers, brokers and lenders
  • What the mortgage industry is doing to detect and combat fraud
  • How mortgage brokers can protect themselves and the industry from fraud

Webinar Details: Thursday, May 28 - 3:00 pm EDT (45 minutes + Q&A)

Cost: Free (exclusive for Members/AMPs) 


Ed Karthaus
Home Trust Company

Looking Forward… Surely There’s Something Positive Here!

When the COVID-19 pandemic crisis first hit, all any of us could do was react as best we could to the multitude of challenges that were being thrown at us. It’s been overwhelming and has brought out the best and the worst in us. As we start to talk about rounding the corner, we know that the society we had to step back from isn’t going to be the one we step back into, which is both exciting and frightening in the uncertainties and the possibilities. 

Since one of the few things we ever have control of is ourselves, it’s time to consider your best self and to choose your most positive and sustainable approach to the opportunities and challenges that are facing us as we look forward. 

Webinar Details: Tuesday, May 19 - 2:00 pm EDT (30 Minutes)

Cost: Free (exclusive for Members/AMPs) 


Janice McNabb, CPCC, PCC
Career, Business and Leadership Coach and Consultant

About Janice McNabb
An experienced and creative business and leadership coach, Janice brings a wealth of local and international experience to her client relationships. She has over 30 years experience as coach and facilitator to executives in Canada, Australia, and the UK, specializing in change management, leadership development, and career management. With industry experience spanning private and public sector organizations from small businesses to multi-national corporations, Janice has developed and demonstrated a broad perspective and considerable business acumen. 

Having worked within human capital consulting for many years, she established her own firm, Simplicity, in 2005. Her primary focus is on supporting clients to sift through the day-to-day complexity to find clarity, embrace sustainable change, and take positive action toward personal and professional goals. Janice has a particular interest in work stress and resilience. Drawing on her own experience of transitions, she has developed expertise in mindfulness and meditation and works with clients to find the tools and strategies that are most effective for them.

Janice is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, accredited by the International Coach Federation, holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from The University of Western Ontario and is currently completing a Master’s Certificate in Adult Training and Development. She is accredited in personality and leadership assessment tools such as Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Step II, Birkman, and MRGs Leadership Effectiveness Analysis.


Extreme Realtor Marketing: Pandemic Edition

No matter how much mortgage brokers try to avoid it, the referral source who interacts with the largest number of clients in the market for a mortgage is a REALTOR. The problem is - mortgage brokers often get stuck chasing realtors who are low producers or high maintenance. The rest “have a broker” or “all their clients are already pre-approved.” There is a way to attract more realtors, quicker and without all the headaches.
In this timely, business driving session, learn how to:

  • Target the realtors that nobody is chasing
  • Host events that will put you in front of fifty realtors a month
  • *NEW* Win over new realtors even when you can't be face to face
  • *NEW* Help your realtor partners win more deals without meeting clients face to face

Webinar Details: Thursday, May 21 - 12:00 pm EDT (30 Minutes + 10 Minutes Q&A)

Cost: Free (exclusive for Members/AMPs) 


Joel Olson
Mortgage Broker
DLC Canadian Mortgage Experts



Friday, May 8
12:00 pm MDT

Free (exclusive for Members/AMPs) 

Participating Directors:


Doug Farmer


Joe Jacobs


Tuesday, May 5
12:00 pm ATL

Free (exclusive for Members/AMPs) 

Participating Directors:


Jennifer Burrage

British Columbia

Tuesday, May 5
1:00 pm PST

Free (exclusive for Members/AMPs) 

Participating Directors:


Megan McDonald


Nolan Smith


Hali Noble


Friday, May 8
12:00 pm CDT

Free (exclusive for Members/AMPs) 

Participating Directors:


Shirl Funk


Wednesday, May 6
1:00 pm EDT

Free (exclusive for Members/AMPs) 

Participating Directors:


Vince Agozzino


Joe Pinheiro


Tracy Valko


Dong Lee

Elaine Taylor

Elaine Taylor


Wednesday, May 6
12:00 pm CDT

Free (exclusive for Members/AMPs) 

Participating Directors:


Jane Kulbida