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We look forward to seeing you next year! 
See 2019 agenda below. 

Due to popular demand, we’re excited to announce that the Virtual New Agent Symposium will now be a quarterly event. Each season we will bring speakers and mentors together to help support those new to the mortgage industry as well as individuals looking to brush up on the mortgage basics. 

Join us on the afternoon of Wednesday, January 12 for the Virtual New Agent Symposium - Winter Edition.

Strengthen your mortgage career with informative sessions and unique networking opportunities. Meet other newcomers, connect with industry veterans, and get the advice you need to take the mortgage world by storm – all from the comfort of home. 

Interested in attending an upcoming event?

Check out agenda and event details from our Fall 2021 New Agent Symposium below!


Members: $25 + tax
Non-Members: $50 + tax

Fall Symposium Sponsors:


Equitable Bank

First National Financial



Tuesday, September 21

12:00 pm ET

Opening Remarks

Hear from MPC Chair and our Event Host, Dong Lee.    



Dong Lee
MPC Chair

12:15 pm ET

Organizing Chaos: Setting Up Your Files for Success

Join Karen as she shows you how to set up your emails and files for success. She’ll share tips and tricks to allow you to do more in less time and with less help to ensure you are always able to give your clients the best service, your lenders the best submissions and your compliance officers the best compliance packages.


Karen Pacheco
Mortgage Broker, Mortgage Architects

12:50 pm ET

7 Mistakes I Made as a New Mortgage Agent, and How You Can Avoid Them
Building a mortgage business can be an exciting experience, but it's not one without pitfalls. Join Steve Clarke to learn about some of the biggest blunders made by newer mortgage professionals, and how you can power past them to rise above the crowd.


Steve Clarke
Area Vice President, Ontario SW, TMG The Mortgage Group

1:25 pm ET

Setting Yourself Up for Success with Today's First-Time Homebuyers 

Today’s mortgage marketplace is complex, but the value of the advice that you provide to your clients about owning a home and having a mortgage has never been more important. Join Marc as he explains the importance of using mortgage market insights and marketing tools to help prepare you to be successful with your clients. This session will give you the expertise to provide your clients with the best mortgage solution that fits their needs.


Marc Shendale
VP Business Development, Sagen

2:00 pm ET

Mentor Roundtables

Log in and start networking with industry veterans in our virtual portal, Social Hour. Socialize with colleagues, meet professionals from across the country, and have your biggest mortgage questions answered. Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn from and chat with these leaders! 

Click here to meet our mentors.

3:30 pm ET

Just Because We Can... Doesn't Mean We Should: Ethical Mortgage Brokering and Right Product for Your Client

Understanding your clients’ needs is likely the single most important thing you will do as a mortgage broker. Second only to ensuring you provide them with the mortgage product that best suits their needs. Join Jill as she delves into some real-life mortgage scenarios and shows us why these two things are so critically important. 



Jill Moellering
Mortgage Broker, Mortgage Architects

4:05 pm ET

Understanding Personalities to Create Success

It has been said by many successful Mortgage Brokers, that the key to success with clients, is to understand their needs and earn their trust. The ability to quickly “read” and “understand what is important” to them, determines their level of trust in you. This session will help you understand the way your personality influences the way YOU see the world and the way others’ personalities influence the way THEY see the world. You will then be able to better communicate with your clients in a way that builds trust and understanding, leading to better client relationships and increased success in your mortgage business.

Hope to see all of your personalities there!


Renee Dadswell
Mortgage Broker, VERICO The Mortgage Station

4:35 pm ET

Underwriting 101

Join Sabeena as she provides an overview of mortgage underwriting, tips on how to look at your documents clearly and how to package your deals correctly for submission to your lender partners. Good underwriting is the key to happy lenders, happy clients and good relationships! 


Sabeena Bubber
Mortgage Broker, XEVA Mortgage

Available On-Demand

Understanding Credit During Uncertain Times

It's been a full year now after COVID and how were consumers affected from a credit perspective? Eric Poblete has been the Mortgage Leader for Equifax over the last 10 years, and he will provide an overview of how COVID changed the credit environment from deferrals to fraud. Eric will also provide insights into the changes in the credit file data delivered to brokers and lenders during that period that addressed the need to improve compliance and security for Canadian consumers. 

Also be one of the first to preview the upcoming transformation of the new and improved Equifax credit file format for 2022. 

Eric P

Eric Poblete
Director, Solutions - Mortgage + Housing,  Equifax Canada  

We've brought industry experts from across Canada together for our Mentor Roundtables. This thoughtfully selected group represents a variety of tenure, role and area of focus so you can connect with the right leader and have your questions answered.

  • Rosa Bovino
    Mortgage Agent, Invis/MI

  • Julie Brenneman
    Principal Broker, Mortgage Centre - Hometown Financial

  • Christine Buemann
    Mortgage Expert, The Collective Mortgage Group

  • Steve Clarke
    Area Vice President, SW Ontario, TMG The Mortgage Group

  • Sherry Corbitt
    Mortgage Broker & Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, Mortgage Architects

  • Carmen Costa
    Team Lead/Mortgage Broker, Axiom Mortgage Solutions

  • Ebani deBussac
    Mortgage Professional, TMG The Mortgage Group

  • Angela Epp
    Broker of Record, First Foundation Mortgages

  • Shirl Funk
    Mortgage Broker, Shirl Funk Mortgages

  • Leigh Graham
    Mortgage Broker/Co-Owner, VERICO Mortgage Professionals

  • Kristin Handsaeme
    Mortgage Agent/VP Operations & Lender Relations, DLC Forest City Funding

  • Frances Hinojosa
    President/Co-Founder/Mortgage Broker, Tribe Financial
  • Veronica Love
    Senior Vice President, Corporate Development, TMG The Mortgage Group

  • Andrew Matheson
    Area Vice President, Atlantic, TMG The Mortgage Group

  • Rodney Mendes
    Mortgage Specialist, Grant Mortgage Solutions Team

  • Jill Moellering
    Mortgage Broker, Mortgage Architects

  • Karen Pacheco
    Mortgage Broker, Mortgage Architects

  • Kiljit Singh
    Broker Owner, AKAL Mortgages

  • Max Singh
    Mortgage Broker, TMG The Mortgage Group

  • Susan Thomas
    VP, Eastern Canada, Invis

  • Tracy Valko
    Broker Owner, Valko Financial

  • Doreen Walsh
    VP, Network Development, Dominion Lending Centres

  • Jennifer Watts
    Area Vice President, BC, TMG The Mortgage Group

  • Clinton Wilkins
    Senior Mortgage Advisor, Centum Home Lenders