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Join us on the afternoon of Friday, March 3 for the Virtual New Agent Symposium.

Our Virtual New Agent Symposium brings together speakers and mentors to help support those new to the mortgage industry as well as individuals looking to brush up on the mortgage basics. 

Strengthen your mortgage career with informative sessions and unique networking opportunities. Meet other newcomers, connect with industry veterans, and get the advice you need to take the mortgage world by storm – all from the comfort of home. 

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This event will be presented in English with closed captioning available.


Members: $25 + tax
Non-Members: $50 + tax

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Friday, March 3

12:00 pm ET

Opening Remarks

Hear from Event Host, Jill Moellering.



Jill Moellering
Event Host

12:05 pm ET

Lead Generation

Lead generation is a crucial aspect of starting and growing any business, and mortgage brokering is no different. It is the process of attracting prospects to the business and increasing their interest through nurturing, all with the end goal of converting them into customers and/or referral sources.  Join Mohinder as he uncovers strategies to leverage creativity, lateral thinking, and marketing innovation to attract more attention, leads, and revenue, and ultimately scale your business.


Mohinder Pal Singh, AMP
Mortgage Broker/Owner
AKAL Mortgages

12:40 pm ET

The Brokerpreneur Startup

Join Jamie as she walks you through an actionable plan to start growing your business, as well as demystify the startup process and help you reach success quickly.


Jamie Ushko
Mortgage Agent
Mortgage Architects

1:20 pm ET

In Conversation: What I Know Now That I Wish I Knew Then

Join Veronica Love as she has a candid conversation with David Larock on what Dave has learned over the course of his career in the mortgage industry, including what he would do differently from the start, how he became a media go-to person, and benefits of having a blog.

Headshot of Dave Larock

Dave Larock, AMP
President & Mortgage Broker
Integrated Mortgage Planners

2:00 pm ET

Mentor Roundtables

Log in and start networking with industry veterans in our virtual portal. Socialize with colleagues, meet professionals from across the country, and have your biggest mortgage questions answered. Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn from and chat with these leaders! 

3:00 pm ET

Your Timeline is Your Dreamline

Failing to plan is planning to fail! Join Rob as he walks us through practical time management planning and strategies, including taking stock of the time you are actually putting in and how to maximize that time. Remember, time is money and your friends are taking both from you.

Headshot of Rob Campbell

Rob Campbell 
Mortgage Broker  
Premiere Mortgage Centre 


We've brought industry experts from across Canada together for our Mentor Roundtables. This thoughtfully selected group represents a variety of tenure, role, and area of focus so you can connect with the right leader and have your questions answered.

Be sure to check here for a list of mentors leading up to the event.

  • Rosa Bovino, AMP
    Mortgage Agent, Invis Inc. 
  • Rob Campbell
    Mortgage Broker, Premier Mortgage Centre
  • Michelle Campbell, AMP
    Mortgage Broker, Mortgage District Inc. 
  • Jamie Cunningham
    Mortgage Agent, Invis Inc. 
  • Dave Driver
    Mortgage Broker, TMG The Mortgage Group Prairies Inc
  • Shirl Funk, AMP
    Mortgage Broker and Owner, The Mortgage Centre - Shirl Funk Mortgages LTD
  • Nicole George
    Mortgage Broker, A Plus Mortgage Group Inc.
  • Josie Giannola
    Mortgage Agent, Mortgage Architects Inc. 
  • David Larock, AMP
    President and Mortgage Broker, Integrated Mortgage Planners
  • Susan Mercer-Thornhill
    Broker and Owner, Diversity Mortgage
  • Jill Moellering
    Mortgage Associate and Planner, Mortgage Architects
  • Sue Pimento
    Motivational Speaker, Suzysays Productions
  • Mike Rogozynski, AMP
    Mortgage Broker, OMAC Mortgages
  • Mohinder Pal Singh, AMP
    Mortgage Broker and Owner, AKAL Mortgages
  • Sarah Sloane, AMP
    Mortgage Broker, TMG The Mortgage Group Mint Mortgages
  • Sarah Strauss, AMP
    Broker and Owner, Mortgage Alliance
  • Vanessa Thomas
    Mortgage Agent, TMG Black Capital
  • Jamie Ushko
    Mortgage Agent, Mortgage Architects Inc
  • Meagan Walker
    Mortgage Broker, DLC Forest City Funding
  • Jenn Watts
    Mortgage Agent, TMG The Mortgage Group Canada Inc
  • Deanne Whelan
    Mortgage Broker and Owner, Verico East Coast Mortgage Brokers
  • Chad Wilson, AMP
    Mortgage Broker, Ideal Mortgage Solutions