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We look forward to seeing you next year! 
See 2019 agenda below. 

Due to popular demand, we’re excited to announce that the Virtual New Agent Symposium will now be a quarterly event. Each season we will bring speakers and mentors together to help support those new to the mortgage industry as well as individuals looking to brush up on the mortgage basics. 

Join us on the afternoon of Wednesday, January 12 for the Virtual New Agent Symposium - Winter Edition.

Strengthen your mortgage career with informative sessions and unique networking opportunities. Meet other newcomers, connect with industry veterans, and get the advice you need to take the mortgage world by storm – all from the comfort of home. 

Learn more and register below.

This event will be presented in English with closed captioning available.


Members: $25 + tax
Non-Members: $50 + tax

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Wednesday, January 12th

12:00 pm ET

Opening Remarks

Hear from MPC Past Chair and our Event Host, Dong Lee.    



Dong Lee
MPC Past Chair

12:05 pm ET

Business Planning and the Power of Habit

Join Susan as she helps you start your new year off right in this practical session! Susan will walk you through the workback process to determine how much business you need to fund to reach your financial goal, explain why we calculate average mortgage size and how it fits into the equation for success, as well as how to focus on activities that drive sales.


Susan Thomas
Vice President, Eastern Canada, Invis Mortgage Intelligence

12:35 pm ET

"Can't They See I'm Good for It?"

Join Jill for a practical session as she shows you how to read a credit bureau to determine if your clients are in fact, “good for it”. She will also provide tips on recognizing poor credit, and how to identify factors that will hurt your file, regardless of credit score.



Jill Moellering
Mortgage Broker, Mortgage Architects

1:05 pm ET

Creating Sales Opportunities & Prospecting

Join Mohinder as he walks you through the prospecting process, including techniques, how to get referrals and where to find prospects. Mohinder is a passionate mortgage entrepreneur who is a trainer, mentor, and coach at heart. He regularly gives back to the industry by sharing his experiences and insights at mortgage boot camps and training programs. He loves helping Canadians realize their property ownership dreams and mortgage professionals attain a successful career and become entrepreneurs. 

“If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it.”


Mohinder Pal Singh
Mortgage Broker/Owner
AKAL Mortgages

1:35 pm ET

Underwriting Basics

Join Camille as she presents the basic fundamentals of residential mortgage underwriting that every new Mortgage Agent should know. As a mortgage agent, Camille has worked with big 5 banks, Alt-A lenders, and mortgage brokerages. With over 20 years of industry experience working for various industry leaders, Camille’s vast experience allows her to bring a well-rounded approach to meeting the expectations of lenders and the requirements mortgage agents have when underwriting their files.


Camille Robotham
MAGU Learning

2:00 pm ET

Mentor Roundtables

Log in and start networking with industry veterans in our virtual portal. Socialize with colleagues, meet professionals from across the country, and have your biggest mortgage questions answered. Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn from and chat with these leaders! 

Click here to meet our mentors.

3:30 pm ET

Social Media Made Easy

You can achieve significant results without spending a lot of time or money. In fact, a lot of people overestimate the time required to be effective and engage socially! Social media is not the silver bullet; it’s not the end-all and be-all, but it can make a big difference in your business when done right.

Social media is a marathon, not a sprint. What you do today won’t necessarily get you a new client tomorrow or a new deal tomorrow, but over time it is these little digital bread crumbs that will become your future business.

Join Doreen as she provides tips on how to be intentional and consistent in your social media strategy, as well as how to develop an advertising and networking plan!


Doreen Walsh
Vice President, Network Development, Dominion Lending Centres

3:50 pm ET

Breaking Down Barriers: Brokering from Home

Kristen Bellows has been brokering successfully from home since 2018. Kristen has managed to build her business AND juggle being a mom to 2, with a husband who works out of town and a physical challenge with a mobility disability. She has a passion for supporting mental health awareness and believes strongly in building a business that is manageable for your lifestyle.

Join Kristen as she delves into breaking down the perceived mental and physical barriers of building a business from home. She will also talk about keeping a positive mindset while managing mental health and your own personal goals in an otherwise highly competitive industry.


Kristen Bellows
Mortgage Broker, TMG The Mortgage Group

4:35 pm ET

Initial Client Conversations: Perfecting Your Script
Join Ebani as she walks you through the challenge of writing a client script that works for you. Over time, this script will become a powerful tool in your sales process and it can evolve into a well-oiled system that will help you create consistency for a business strong foundation. 


Ebani deBussac
Mortgage Associate, TMG The Mortgage Group


We've brought industry experts from across Canada together for our Mentor Roundtables. This thoughtfully selected group represents a variety of tenure, role and area of focus so you can connect with the right leader and have your questions answered.

Be sure to check here for additional mentors leading up to the event.

  • Kristen Bellows
    Mortgage Broker, TMG The Mortgage Group

  • Lucy Biocca
    Mortgage Broker, DLC Valko Financial
  • Rosa Bovino
    Mortgage Broker, Invis

  • Christine Buemann
    Mortgage Expert, The Collective Mortgage Group

  • Carmen Costa
    Team Lead/Mortgage Broker, Axiom Mortgage Solutions

  • Renee Dadswell
    Mortgage Broker, The Mortgage Station

  • Michelle Drover
    Vice President, Atlantic Canada, Premiere Mortgage Centre

  • Shirl Funk
    Mortgage Broker, Shirl Funk Mortgages

  • Frances Hinojosa
    President/Co-Founder/Mortgage Broker, Tribe Financial

  • Kristi Huber
    TMG The Mortgage Group, Prairies

  • Matt Imhoff
    Mortgage Broker, Mortgages.ca
  • Rob Jennings
    Mortgage Broker/Owner, East Coast Mortgage Brokers

  • Veronica Love
    Senior Vice President, Corporate Development, TMG The Mortgage Group

  • Erica Ma
    Area Vice President, BC, TMG The Mortgage Group

  • Jill Moellering
    Mortgage Broker, Mortgage Architects

  • Corina Murphy
    Team Lead/Mortgage Broker, Premiere Mortgage Centre

  • Mohinder Pal Singh
    Mortgage Broker/Owner, AKAL Mortgages

  • Max Singh
    Mortgage Broker, TMG The Mortgage Group

  • Camille Robotham
    MAGU Learning

  • Susan Thomas
    Vice President, Eastern Canada, Invis/MI

  • Doreen Walsh
    Vice President, Network Development, Dominion Lending Centres

  • Clinton Wilkins
    Senior Mortgage Advisor, Centrum Home Lenders