Rapidly Evolving Expectations in the Housing Market

One of the reasons we look at economic trends is that, most of the time, the recent past gives us reasonably reliable clues about what might happen in the near future. That is not the case in these extremely abnormal times - the COVID-19 emergency has resulted in extremely volatile shifts in the Canadian housing market. At this point as we begin to see signs of recovery from COVID-19, it is very difficult to confidently develop any forecasts for the housing market because of continued uncertainty about the key factors that will drive consumer decisions.

As COVID-19 remains a key influence in our industry, over the past several months Mortgage Professionals Canada has released a series of consumer reports - Rapidly Evolving Expectations in the Housing Market. These reports show analysis of data that has been useful in trying to track shifts in the expectations Canadians have experienced about the housing market in order to monitor the evolving market circumstances. 

As a valuable resources for our members, we have decided to continue to offer these reports on our website for future reference.


Last Updated:
10 February 2021

Read the reports:

Jan 2019 Report Cover
Jan 2019 Report Cover
Jan 2019 Report Cover

Jan 2019 Report Cover
Jan 2019 Report Cover

Key Takeaways:
Updated after each report




Market Expectations

Both current homeowners and non-owners do expect mortgage interest rates and prices to rise over the coming year, but not as much as they did at the end of 2019. Additionally, there is a positive shift in market expectations from current non-owners, identifying this time as a good time to buy a new property.
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  • A = Good time to purchase a home/condo
  • B = Good time to sell a home/condo
  • C = Good time to purchase a home/condo as an investment property
  • D = Expect housing prices to grow in the coming year
  • E = Expect mortgage interest rates to rise in the coming year