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Ontario Mortgage Licensing Equivalency Course

99,00 $
149,00 $

Mortgage Professionals Canada (MPC) is proud to be your education provider of the Ontario Mortgage Licensing Equivalency Course (OMC). This course is an education requirement for out-of-province licenced applicants applying for a mortgage Agent/Broker licence in Ontario.  The course will focus on competencies that are Ontario-specific to ensure out-of-province applicants have knowledge of the requirements included in the Mortgage Brokerages, Lenders and Administrators Act, 2006 (MBLAA), its regulations and FSRA’s guidance and rules that differ from other jurisdictions.

The online course takes 2 hours to complete and is followed by a 30 minute final exam comprised of 20 multiple-choice questions. The passing grade is 70%.

Upon completion of the course and quiz, out-of-province applicants will be able to demonstrate knowledge of the requirements to practice the mortgage broker/agent occupation in Ontario. Specifically, they will be able to:

  • Explain the legal and regulatory framework that applies to mortgage brokering in Ontario;
  • Differentiate between mortgage brokerage/broker/agent/administrator in Ontario; and
  • Apply the requirements (including standards of practice) applicable to mortgage brokering in Ontario


Please make sure to read the Learners Code of Conduct prior to registering for the course.

Below are the MBLAA/Regulations Under the Act that are covered in the Ontario Mortgage Licensing Equivalency Course. 

  1. Licensing Requirements
  2. Role of the Principal Broker
  3. Mortgage Suitability
  4. Disclosure Requirements
  5. Regulation and Enforcement 
  6. Filings, Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance and Financial Guarantee requirements
  7. Standards of Practice 
  8. Continuing Education Requirements 

Got a question? Try browsing our FAQ below for help. If your question is still not answered, please call us at 416-385-2333 x2610 for further assistance!

  1. What is the passing grade?

  2. What happens if I fail?
    Students have unlimited attempts at the final quiz for the course. There is no fee to rewrite the quiz.

  3. How do I book my end of course quiz?
    Online learners need to complete their course modules before they can attempt the end of course quiz. Once online modules are complete, learners will have access to the BOOK EXAM button on their My Activities page. 

  4. Does the quiz cost money?
    The quiz is included with the course fee.

  5. When do I get access to my online program?
    Online modules are accessible immediately upon registration.

  6. Can I place a hold on my course, or transfer my registration to another person?
    No. However, exceptions may be made if requests are submitted to the Education Department by email for review

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