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Practices for Fraud Prevention - B.C. Continuing Education Module

Regulatory CE

The Registrar of Mortgage Brokers in British Columbia has approved Mortgage Professionals Canada's Practices for Fraud Prevention online module as a component of mandatory continuing education for mortgage brokers in B.C.

It is important for mortgage brokers to keep current with regulatory changes, legislative amendments, new compliance issues, risk reduction techniques, changes in industry best practices, and emerging issues affecting industry members and consumers. This approved online module focuses on the broker's role in identifying and preventing fraud. After completing this module, you should be able to:

  • identify factors contributing to the increased estimated losses from mortgage fraud.
  • differentiate between the types of mortgage fraud.
  • identify the red flags that should trigger suspicions of possible fraud.
  • describe the responsibilities of mortgage/submortgage brokers in preventing fraud.
  • describe best practices that can help avoid fraud.

Students are permitted to complete this approved module for licence renewal with BCFSA once. Do not register into this course if you have already reported completion of this module to B.C. provincial regulators during a previous licence renewal period. For more information on B.C. continuing education requirements for mortgage brokers and submortgage brokers, refer to the website of the Registrar of Mortgage Brokers at BCFSA.

This module offers (3) compulsory CE units.  

Online course access is available for six months.


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