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Canadian Mortgage Hall of Fame

The Canadian Mortgage Hall of Fame honours mortgage industry leaders whose achievements and service have contributed to the success of the Canadian mortgage industry. Inductees to the Mortgage Hall of Fame have provided leadership, vision and inspiration in their profession and strive to make a difference to enhance industry standards.

We're excited to announce that the 2024 Canadian Mortgage Hall of Fame awards Gala will take place in Montreal. Inductees will be celebrated on October 28 during the 2024 National Mortgage Conference.


Nominations for the 2024 Mortgage Hall of Fame Inductees will open in the summer of 2024.

Past Inductees

  • Art Appelberg, AMP
  • Michael Beckette, AMP
  • Yousry Bissada, AMP
  • Frances Blau
  • John Bordignon, AMP
  • Boris Bozic, AMP
  • Michael Braid
  • Brendan Calder
  • Fiona Campbell
  • Andy Charles, AMP
  • Patrick Chetcuti, AMP
  • Marty Coubrough, AMP
  • Gord Dahlen, AMP
  • John Donald, AMP
  • Colin Dreyer, AMP
  • Michael Ellenzweig, AMP
  • Pierre Fournier, CHA
  • Ed Gettings, AMP
  • Bernie Greenbaum
  • Kathy Gregory, AMP
  • Paul Grewal, AMP
  • Alan Jette
  • Michael Jones
  • Ed Karthaus
  • John Kelly
  • Mark Kerzner, AMP
  • Karen Kinsley, AMP
  • G. Robert Leeming, AMP
  • Pierre Martel, CHA
  • Brian Matthey, AMP
  • Gary Mauris, AMP
  • A.D. (Ric) McGratten, AMP
  • Debbie McPherson
  • Andrew Moor, AMP
  • Dave Nichol
  • Hali Noble, AMP
  • Bill Nugent
  • L.R. Bob Ord, AMP
  • Bill Patton, AMP
  • Dan Putnam, AMP
  • Mary Putnam
  • John Ribalkin, AMP
  • Janice Rice, AMP
  • Gary Siegle, AMP
  • Jason Smith
  • Gerald Soloway, AMP
  • Don Stoddart, AMP
  • Karl Straky, AMP
  • Wayne Sudsbury
  • Ronald D. Swift, AMP
  • Elaine Taylor, AMP
  • Debbie Thomas, AMP
  • Grant Thomas, AMP
  • Gordon Thompson
  • Art Trojan, AMP
  • Peter Vukanovich, AMP
  • Ivan Wahl
  • John Webster
  • Steve Whitehead
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