DEO101 Déontologie et Pratique Professionnelle

The DEO101 Déontologie et Pratique Professionnelle program is mandatory for Quebec mortgage professionals who are reinstating a license that has been expired for less than three years. 

This program is highly recommended for mortgage professionals from other Canadian provinces looking to obtain a license in Quebec, in preparation for the required AMF exam 16-116 (Déontologie et Pratique Professionnelle).

Participants will receive both the F-116 Éthique et pratique professionnelle and the F-611 Courtage hypothécaire electronic manuals upon registration (though only the F-116 is required for this program). Students must ensure to read the entire F-116 Éthique et pratique professionnelle manual prior to their scheduled webinar. The mandatory four (4) hour webinar is led by an experienced mortgage industry professional, and provides students with an opportunity to review the manual content with the instructor in preparation for the final exam. The online exam takes place one week after the webinar. Students who do not achieve the 75% minimum passing grade are permitted to rewrite the exam once.

Be sure to check with the AMF before registering to determine if you are eligible to take this course.

This course is only available in French. Click the link below to navigate to the registration page.