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What We're Up To
  • National Mortgage Conference

    This year’s largest gathering of mortgage professionals has come to an end. The 2018 conference featured ample opportunities for discovering tools and solutions needed to succeed. Delegates were captivated by a stellar lineup of keynote speakers including Rick Mercer, Steven Page, Phil Jones and Benjamin Tal and gained valuable information from motivating and educational industry speakers. The Expo provided the ideal venue for sharing ideas and making business connections while networking opportunities and entertaining social events rounded out the two days. Thank you to all those involved in helping to make an event of this magnitude a reality. In particular, our sponsors and volunteers.
  • Advocating on Parliament Hill

    On October 16, a delegation of 20 volunteers, led by your Executive Committee, held almost 60 meetings with Members of Parliament in addition to Opposition Leader, Andrew Sheer. The purpose of the meetings was to raise awareness of our industry and its economic impact as well as discuss Canadian housing markets, housing affordability, and the impact of recent changes to the economic well being of the younger Canadian middle class. We received broad agreement that housing affordability is a priority and that many MPs are supportive of our request for a review of the “stress test” more Canadians will soon face as they renew their fixed-term mortgages.
  • 2019 Pre-Budget Consultation

    In our continued efforts to lobby government in support of assistance to first-time homebuyers and middle-class Canadians, we were pleased to have provided testimony at a 2019 pre-budget consultation process earlier this fall. President and CEO, Paul Taylor and Past Chair Mark Kerzner presented our collective recommendations for how the 2019 federal budget can ensure homeownership affordability and increase competition within the Canadian mortgage market.
  • FSRA Notice and Request for Comment

    We have been engaged with Ontario’s new independent regulatory agency FSRA (Financial Services Regulatory Authority), as they develop fees and other charges related to the mortgage brokerage industry. They have posted a Notice and Request for Comment on assessments and fees which we will be reviewing and providing comment on behalf of the membership. Members are also encouraged to comment independently to the FSRA by the January 4, 2019 deadline.
  • New Oversight of B.C. Financial Services Sector

    Following the Ministry of Finance consultation in the spring of this year, the B.C. government has announced their intention to update the structure of the Financial Institutions Commission (FICOM). Legislation to update the structure of FICOM to make it an independent Crown agency will be introduced in the spring of 2019. The new agency will maintain responsibility for regulation of mortgage brokers, insurance and trust companies, pensions and credit unions. We continue our conversations with FICOM as the transition takes place and will be sure to keep you informed of any developments.
  • Feedback to B.C. Government

    We were pleased to provide feedback to the B.C. government’s Financial Institutions Act & Credit Union Incorporation Act Review. Our submission outlines member concerns regarding recommendations that aim to expand the mandate and authority of FICOM. We are supportive of efforts to improve data collection and promote financial literacy in B.C. and look forward to providing ongoing constructive feedback to the government on behalf of our membership.

Advocacy in Action

2019 Pre-Budget Consultation

Discussing mortgage rules ahead of the 2019 budget during the Standing Committee on Finance.

Owning vs. Renting a Home in Canada

Report finds homeownership is the affordable alternative as rent costs continue to soar.

Pre-2019 Budget Consultation Submission

We have put forward a submission for the Pre-Budget Consultations in Advance of the 2019 Budget.

FSCO Releases Syndicated Mortgage Forms

FSCO releases new forms for brokerages dealing with non-qualified syndicated mortgages

Response to FSCO's Recent Draft

We have provided a submission to FSCO as a response to its Draft 2018 Statement of Priorities

Feedback Submission to the B.C. Government

Feedback to the B.C. government’s Financial Institutions Act & Credit Union Incorporation Act Review.