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What We're Up To
  • Feedback to B.C. Government

    We were pleased to provide feedback to the B.C. government’s Financial Institutions Act & Credit Union Incorporation Act Review. Our submission outlines member concerns regarding recommendations that aim to expand the mandate and authority of FICOM. We are supportive of efforts to improve data collection and promote financial literacy in B.C. and look forward to providing ongoing constructive feedback to the government on behalf of our membership.
  • Lobbying In Atlantic Canada

    In mid-June, CEO Paul Taylor met with senior politicians across the region to discuss affordable housing supply for first-time buyers as well as the negative impacts of federal mortgage rule changes on local markets. We will continue open discussions with politicians across the country in order to bring member concerns to the forefront and ensure Canadians have access to affordable financing options.
  • Response to Proposed Changes to Syndicated Mortgage Regulations

    We are pleased to respond to the proposed amendments to syndicated mortgage exemptions under the jurisdiction of the CSA, supporting stronger consumer protections and increased regulatory oversight for syndicated mortgage activity.
  • Hill Times Reception on Parliament Hill

    We were pleased to once again participate at the annual Parliament Hill reception which allowed CEO, Paul Taylor and Manager of Government and Policy, Samuel Duncan to meet with Hill staff, MPs, senators and decision makers in an informal setting.
  • Tell Your MPP: 2018 Ontario Election Campaign

    We are pleased to introduce a letter writing campaign that allows Ontarians to send a message directly to their local candidate about the need for a strong and stable housing market. The initiative was designed to maximize our efforts to help implement policies that improve housing supply and provide assistance to those aspiring to enter the market. For more information, visit
  • 2018 Mortgage Awards of Excellence

    Representing the pinnacle of professional achievement in the Canadian mortgage industry, this inaugural event honoured the outstanding achievements and contributions of industry professionals in a variety of categories. The awards ceremony was a resounding success and we were proud to support this celebration of industry excellence.

Advocacy in Action

2019 Pre-Budget Consultation

Discussing mortgage rules ahead of the 2019 budget during the Standing Committee on Finance.

Owning vs. Renting a Home in Canada

Report finds homeownership is the affordable alternative as rent costs continue to soar.

Pre-2019 Budget Consultation Submission

We have put forward a submission for the Pre-Budget Consultations in Advance of the 2019 Budget.

FSCO Releases Syndicated Mortgage Forms

FSCO releases new forms for brokerages dealing with non-qualified syndicated mortgages

Response to FSCO's Recent Draft

We have provided a submission to FSCO as a response to its Draft 2018 Statement of Priorities

Feedback Submission to the B.C. Government

Feedback to the B.C. government’s Financial Institutions Act & Credit Union Incorporation Act Review.