Regulatory CE in Quebec

DEO201 - FCO: Déontologie et Pratique Professionnelle 

– Don’t jeopardize your certificate renewal!

This MPC course is recognized by AMF for 3 mandatory CEUs and is only offered in French. It is a combination of self-study and one 3-hour webinar, fulfilling the mandatory requirements of existing real estate and mortgage agents licensed prior to 2010 under the OACIQ. Mortgage brokers licensed prior to May 01, 2020 under the OACIQ, will also need to take this course as part of their certificate renewal, before April 30, 2022.  

Participants learn about the role played by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers and the Act Respecting the Distribution of Financial Products and Services introduced in May 2020. Topics address how new regulations and ethical practices, applicable to the mortgage industry and mortgage broker, must be incorporated into everyday business practices. 

Participants receive an electronic copy of the F-116 manual included in the course fee upon registration. They have 2 weeks to read the manual together with an assigned activity to reinforce their learning. The scheduled 3-hour webinar follows to expand on the interpretation of regulations and elaborate on priority areas of focus. A 20-question knowledge test is scheduled one week following the webinar. The passing grade for this course is 60 %. 

Participants must make sure their MPC online profile reflects their legal name, email address, phone number and AMF Client number – without it, course completion cannot be submitted to the Regulator. Please visit the AMF website for details.


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