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Bienvenue à l’association nationale de l'industrie hypothécaire. Nos membres. qui comprennent des maisons de courtage, des prêteurs, des assureurs et des fournisseurs de services, forment le plus grand réseau de conseillers hypothécaires au pays et le plus respecté.  Notez: Nous sommes en train d'améliorer le site français pour mieux vous servir - merci de votre patience

Latest News


Tax Code Submission

A summary of our recommendations to the federal government to limit the impact the proposed tax changes could have on member businesses.

Submission to OSFI

Our formal written submission to OSFI, in response to the recently released draft changes to Guideline B-20.

Recent Federal Mortgage Eligibility Changes

An overview of the recent federal mortgage eligibility changes and our recommendations to the government.

Tax Code Update

Federal Finance Minister Morneau announced the launch of consultations aimed at implementing tax code changes to tax planning strategies involving the use of private corporations.

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