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  • Member Deals for Summer

    Planning a trip to the U.S. this summer? Don't miss the exclusive offers on theme parks, shows, attractions and more. Plus, celebrate the season with deep discounts on a wide variety of fantastic concerts! Check out the savings under the Member Benefits Program under Membership.
  • Lobby Efforts Recognized

    We are the second most active lobbying group on Parliament Hill.
  • Charity Golf Tournament Sells Out Quickly!

    The Toronto Charity Golf Tournament is sold out! There are still spots remaining at the other tournaments so don't delay and sign up now to avoid disappointment! Visit the Events tab to register.
  • Offering A New Perspective

    Stay tuned for the much anticipated Issue 2 of Perspectives, the official publication for Canada's mortgage industry. To learn more, and explore the inaugural issue, visit the Resources and Publications tab under Membership.
  • Negative Impacts of Federal Policies Revealed

    Housing markets across Canada slowed significantly in 2018 as a result of higher interest rates coupled with mortgage stress tests and other policy changes that have constrained homebuying. Read the full report under the Membership tab > Resources and Publications > Consumer Reports.
  • Engagement in Ottawa

    President Paul Taylor held meetings with the Managing Director, Financial Stability Department at the Bank of Canada; the Advisor to the Governor at the Bank of Canada as well as the Superindentent of OSFI.

Advocacy in Action

Lobby Efforts Recognized

We are the second most active lobbying group on Parliament Hill.

FICOM Investigates Fraud

BC regulator issues cease and desist order

Report: Stress Test Impacts

Delving into impacts on Canadian economy and housing market.

Parliament Hill Advocacy

Full day of meetings with MPs in Ottawa.

MPC Presents to FINA

Read MPC testimony before House of Commons

Meetings with BC MLAs

Overview of Housing Affordability Discussions in Victoria