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Submission to BCFSA

Feb 15, 2022, 11:43 AM by Mortgage Professionals Canada
Read our recommendations on B.C. Government’s Proposed Cooling-Off Period Legislation & Other Measures.

Last week, MPC submitted its recommendations to BCFSA on the B.C. Government’s proposed real estate “cooling off period” legislation. This important consultation also included discussions on other real estate consumer protection issues, including “blind bidding”, mandatory home inspections, subject-free offers, and property disclosure statements. At roundtable discussions and through our written submission, MPC commented on how these consumer protection measures may benefit and/or harm buyers and sellers of real estate in British Columbia.

You can find a copy of MPC’s submission HERE.

We thank our B.C. Chapter members for their help crafting our submission, and again appreciate their help in our numerous meetings in recent months with B.C. MLAs and other policymakers. We look forward to the next steps by the government, and will continue to keep members informed as developments warrant.

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