Preferred Mortgage Professional of Canada

The PMPC Designation Program is designed to help enhance your industry knowledge and improve your technical and management skills to establish and maintain a high level of expertise in the mortgage profession. Building on the skills acquired in the Accredited Mortgage Professional of Canada Designation (AMPC), the PMPC Designation takes your experienced understanding of real estate transactions, as well as prime and non-prime lending, and dives deeper into specialized areas of the mortgage industry such as securitization, private investors and MIC structures. This comprehensive program will give you the edge to be more visible in the industry with the latest and greatest sales and marketing practices, and introduce leadership styles, theories, and methodologies.

The PMPC Designation takes approximately 40 hours to complete. You can purchase and complete the courses at your own pace, then challenge the exam when you’re ready.


The PMPC’s four online courses contain education materials related to business management, marketing and communication fundamentals, specialized mortgages, and leadership providing theoretical information, as well as practical training and development advice from tenured industry experts. The four mandatory courses are:

Upon successful completion of the four mandatory PMPC courses, a member will become eligible to register for the PMPC Designation Examination. The Examination is three hours in length and is comprised of multiple choice questions. The pass mark is 75%.

Who would be a typical PMPC candidate?
Meet Jordan


Jordan is an AMPC and has been a mortgage broker for over five years. She has built a substantial client base throughout her time as a broker, and recently brought on a small team of three agents, with the idea of continued expansion over the next five years. Jordan understands that in order to run a successful brokerage, she must provide strong leadership to her team. As Jordan’s business grows, she wishes to move into the private lending and small commercial loans space to expand her client network. She knows that in order to create this expansion, she must have strong knowledge of those areas. Staying current on sales and marketing trends is something Jordan sees as a must in order to stay top of mind with her clients, expand her network, and be seen as an emerging leader in the industry. The PMPC Designation is the perfect thing to take Jordan’s mortgage career to new heights.

Eligibility Criteria

Stand out as a Preferred Mortgage Professional of Canada.


Differentiation and Specialization

Identify yourself as an experienced and knowledgeable professional. 


Professional and Personal Growth

Expand your areas of expertise, potential client base, and revenue opportunities. 


Increased Industry Knowledge

Refresh and grow your skills. 


Excellence Within The Profession

Increase your confidence with industry colleagues and peers.