Mental Health & Wellness Resources

We are pleased to be able to support our members with several new mental health and wellness initiatives. Through our partners People Corporation,  you can enjoy access to affordable therapy providers and resources, risk modification e-learning programs, and mental health and wellness courses. 

Members can take advantage of many valuable tools and support systems. Learn more about our full suite of mental health and wellness offerings below. Take the first step today.

Mental Health

The following resources are available to our members:

  • Video Therapy - Affordable access to virtual therapists and counselling sessions, booked in real time - the first session is FREE, courtesy of MPC.

  • Mental Health & Wellness Forum - A library of mental health and wellness resources, including articles, videos, and podcasts.

  • Diagnostic Support - Take advantage of an assessment tool based on the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM), the most recognized mental health tool in the world.

  • Cognitive Learning Programs - Enjoy video-based coaching designed to assist you and your family in making positive life choices, like quitting smoking or exercising more. Available through SelfHelpWorks.

  • Specialized Virtual Classes - Learn to recalibrate your thoughts to experience and live a happier life. Discover strategies to manage and alleviate anxiety. Click here to view our course catalogue, then select "wellness" to see our complete list of mental health and wellness offerings.