2022 Continuing Education for ON Mortgage Brokers 


There are no education requirements for 2023 licence renewals. If you need to complete the relicensing education for the previous 2022 cycle, please contact us at Education@MPC.ca.

All Ontario mortgage agents and mortgage brokers are required to complete a continuing education course as part of the process to renew their provincial licence. Licensees must successfully complete an approved CE course.

For more information on the full process to renew your licence click here.

Mortgage Professionals Canada's 2022 Ontario Continuing Education Course for Mortgage Agents is offered both online and in-class covering the following main topics:

  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Ethical Practices in Brokered Mortgage Transactions
  • Relationship between the MBLAA, FSRA and Licensees
  • Reporting and Record-Keeping Requirements
  • The Role of the Principal Broker, and
  • Know Your Products and Clients (Case Study)


The course is offered in an HTML format to make it easier and more convenient to complete on a variety of devices; for the best user experience, a desktop or laptop computer is recommended. The course is available immediately after registration, and can be accessed on-demand, any time. Information is presented in modules allowing you to progress at your own pace, whether in one sitting, or a section at a time. The course takes roughly (7) seven hours to complete.

Your online profile must reflect your legal name, as licensed, and include your licence number. Otherwise, your course completion cannot be reported to FSRA.


In-class courses are facilitated virtually via video conferencing (Zoom) by an experienced MPC instructor, and provide the opportunity for participants to discuss the topics and engage with other industry professionals in an open and inclusive setting.

All in-class sessions for the Ontario Continuing Education for Mortgage Brokers run from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

Attendance for the full day is mandatory in order to successfully complete the course!