Consumer Reports

For over 16 years, Mortgage Professionals Canada has been delivering our marquee consumer reports authored by our former Chief Economist. With the introduction of our re-invented Semi-Annual State of the Housing Market reports, we have chosen to archive previous reports because we feel that they continue to be of interest to our members. 

As part of our ongoing commitment to the mortgage broker channel, we continue to provide in-depth consumer reports which present a better understanding of Canada's housing market, identify patterns in consumer behaviour, give a snapshot of who the Canadian homebuyer is, and present data to provide both macro and micro analysis about the residential mortgage market. Please access previous reports below.

Annual State of the Residential Mortgage Market in Canada

In addition to discussing consumer choices, attitudes, and expectations in the mortgage market, this Consumer Report looks at the economic and housing market environments in which consumers are making their choices. 
Highlights from this in-depth report include:

Consumer Sentiment - How have Canadians feelings about homeownership changed during 2020? 

Mortgage Market Outlook - What does 2021 hold for the mortgage market?  

Housing Market Trends - Is it even possible to forecast this data?

Annual State of the Residential Mortgage Market in Canada

This latest report helps explain “why a large majority of Canadians see homeownership as financially better than renting.” It highlights how Canadians continue to favour the goal of homeownership for the right considerations, including recognition that mortgage principal repayment “represents a very aggressive forced saving program.”

Home Buying in 2019 is Hard Work

The focus of this latest consumer research was on first-time buyers, targeting those aged 23-54. An exploration of factors that influence decisions to buy homes was conducted; out of a list of six major decisions, consumers rated the decision to buy a home as the second most stressful.  

The majority of Canadians do believe however that homeownership is in their long-term best financial interests - 76% indicated that they would be better off as a homeowner and just 8% see themselves better off financially as renters. 

The report also delves into the ongoing impacts of the federal government's mortgage regulations and examines Canadians' reaction to the FTHBI. 

The False Binary

Since late 2016, all insured mortgages in Canada must be tested at an interest rate that is essentially
two percentage points above the actual contracted rates. Since the start of 2018, all uninsured mortgages issued by federally-regulated lenders must also be stress tested. 

Government officials are trying to portray the situation as a binary choice, between continuation
of correct policies, versus eliminating the policies and returning to an escalation of related risks. This report provides an overview of the proposed modifications that could be made to the policies, in order to reduce the harm and the risks. 

Annual State of the Residential Mortgage Market in Canada

Federal policy changes designed to cool housing prices and demand continue to impact housing markets across Canada with cascading consequences and pressures, according to the newly-released consumer research report.

The report outlines that improper policy levers can continue to depress the market and illustrates that a more reasonable stress test level and lending restriction reforms are now needed to strike a better balance for borrowers and policymakers, improving housing affordability and Canada’s economy.

Owning versus Renting a Home in Canada

In this report, a unique and powerful dataset is used to compare the costs of owning and renting across Canada. The conclusion is that in most situations in Canada, the monthly cost of homeownership is actually lower than the cost of renting equivalent housing.

JULY 2018
Report on the Housing and Mortgage Market in Canada

In this summer consumer report, research shows that federal government policies with regard to mortgage lending are unduly suppressing housing activity and causing consumers to have a more negative outlook for housing and real estate across the country. Sentiment regarding the housing market has shifted decisively downwards reflecting the impacts of increased interest rates and government policies.

Annual State of the Residential Mortgage Market in Canada

This report provides an overview of the evolving state of the residential mortgage market in Canada. Data used in this report was obtained from various sources, including an online survey of 2,018 Canadians conducted by Bond Brand Loyalty between late October and early November. 

JUNE 2017
Consumers' Perspectives on Homebuying in Canada

For more than a decade, Mortgage Professionals Canada has produced semi-annual reports on the housing and mortgage markets in Canada, largely based on consumer surveys. This edition of the report takes a quite different approach: it is focused on consumers’ attitudes that will affect the decisions they make when buying a home.

Annual State of the Residential Mortgage Market in Canada

This report provides an overview of the evolving state of the residential mortgage market in Canada. Data used in this report was obtained from various sources, including an online survey of 2,000 Canadians conducted by Bond Brand Loyalty between October 21 and November 3.

JUNE 2016
Looking for Balance in the Canadian Housing and Mortgage Markets

This report takes a deeper look at the housing market in Canada, looking at each provinces resale housing markets, asking pertinent questions around topics such as foreign investors and the so called "housing bubble", and looking at the need for government intervention. 

JUNE 2016
The Next Generation of Homebuyers

This report examines opinions, expectations and characteristics of Canadians who expect to become homeowners in future, with results derived from our Spring 2016 Consumer Survey.