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Annual State of the Residential Mortgage Market in Canada: 2020 Report Now Available

Mar 25, 2021, 08:24 AM by Mortgage Professionals Canada
Today we proudly release the “Annual State of the Mortgage Market in Canada”, written by our Chief Economist Will Dunning.


Today, we proudly release our annual Consumer Report for 2020, the Annual State of the Mortgage Market in Canada, written by our Chief Economist Will Dunning. 

By producing this report, we aim to create and share data on mortgage activity and consumers’ attitudes that would not otherwise be available. This report also serves to interpret trends in the housing and mortgage markets, as well as in the realm of government policies related to mortgages and housing.  
In addition to discussing consumer choices, attitudes, and expectations in the mortgage market, this Consumer Report looks at the economic and housing market environments in which consumers are making their choices

Highlights from this in-depth report include: 

Consumer Sentiment - How have Canadians feelings about homeownership changed during 2020?    
Mortgage Market Outlook - What does 2021 hold for the mortgage market?  

Housing Market Trends - Is it even possible to forecast this data?  

We encourage you to read and share this report.


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