Education Seminars

Education seminars feature local content, delivering pertinent and timely information designed to help you advance your business.  These events also provide excellent opportunities to network with peers and develop new business relationships.

2018 Events

Be The Better Broker Workshop

October 3 - 4
Canadian Mennonite University
500 Shaftesbury Blvd., Winnipeg, MB

9:00 am – 3:30 pm

AMPs - $299 + tax
Members - $329 + tax
Non-members - $599 + tax
(Registration includes refreshment breaks and lunch)

8 (Professional Development)


      EVENT OVER    

Join us for a two-day interactive workshop focused on building a better you, refining your corporate structure, staff negotiations, targeting additional revenue opportunities, building a business and more, led by top-producing mortgage broker and author, Dustan Woodhouse!

Space is limited, so book your spot today! 


Day 1 aaa Day 2 
Time Management
Experience stress-free weekends and reclaim your week nights!  Learn the skills, habits, and tools every mortgage agent needs to accomplish just that. More than just a simple lesson in eCalendar management, this session will teach you how to effectively structure every aspect of your life for maximum impact.
Confidence is crucial to your business and stems in large part from your clients’ confidence in you.  Learn the best ways to position yourself as the expert you are and believe in your own abilities.
Database Management
This session delves into the construction, management, and effective leveraging of your database. Discover the power of effectively storing contact data and seize opportunities for more effective lead generation and client management.
Lead Generation
Discover what it takes to build the habit of daily calls by developing confidence, knowledge and experience.  You’ll also learn how to address the most important aspects about calling: who to call, when to call them, what do you say and how do you say it?
Lunch Lunch
Workflow Spreadsheets
This session focuses on the critical and simple steps required to adopt the habit of updating and using this simple foundation for active client management. You will also benefit from an expert Excel technician to help you custom build your own Workflow.  Note: The worksheet will be sent upon registration.
Scripts, Scripts, and More Scripts
Learn the clear language needed to express who you are, what you offer, and why everything about you and your offerings make you stand out from the crowed; e.g. ‘why work with me’, ‘what makes me unique’, or advice on ‘fixed vs. variable’.
Telephone Skills 101
Benefit from this interactive session on mastering simple dialogue to assess clients within 15 minutes of your very first call with them. Learn specific language, examples, and the skills to position yourself as the expert you are.
Lead Conversion
Learn to convert prospects from ‘leads’ to ‘clients’. This session helps you take rate-talk to the point of application intake and much more.
a Application-Intake Mastery 
Create an application-intake experience second to none. Learn the steps in the process that make your application experience truly bulletproof.

MIC Seminar
& Trade Show

Wednesday, October 3
Pearson Convention Centre
2638 Steeles Ave East, Brampton, ON

9:30 am – 2:00 pm


AMPs - $25 + tax
Members - $35 + tax
Non-members - $49 + tax
(Registration includes refreshments and lunch)

1.5 (Professional Development)


      EVENT OVER     

Attend this unique event where you will discover various ways that MICs can assist you with funding your latest deals and stay ahead of the game by gaining insight into how submissions are best presented to this type of niche lender.  


9:30 am      Registration and Refreshments
 10:00 am      Opening remarks
Learn about ONMICA and the value of dealing with ONMICA members
10:10 am      Packaging Your Deals for a MIC
     How to package your deals for quick approval
     Presented by: Tony Nero, President, Brookstreet Mortgage Investment Corp.
10:30 am      Knowing Your MIC and How They Can Help Your Borrowers
     Understand the many different types of MICs and their lender
     Presented by: Reaza Ali, Broker Relations - Ontario, Fisgard Asset Management Corp.
 10:50 am      Navigating Through Difficult Conversations with Borrowers
     Managing expectations and preparing your borrowers for a smooth transaction
     Presented by: Darlene Vilas, Mortgage Broker, The Mortgage Centre - M.O.S. MortgageOne
     Solutions Ltd.
 11:15 am      MIC Manager Round Tables
     MIC managers will be moving from table to table to explain their products, parameters
     and review a deal.
12:30 pm - 2:00 pm      MIC Trade Show and Networking Lunch             


 Alta West Mortgage Capital Corp.      Mercury Mortgage Investment Corp.
 Atrium Mortgage Investment Corp.
     New Haven Mortgage Corp.
 Brookstreet Mortgage Investment Corp.      Ontario Wealth Management Corp.  
 First Source Mortgage Corp.      Oppono Lending Company 
 Fisgard Asset Management Corp.
     Pillar Financial Services
 Foremost Financial Corp.
     RESCO Mortgage Investment Corp.
 Ginkgo Mortgage Investment Corp.
     RiverRock Mortgage Investment Corp.
 King Capital Mortgage Investment Corp.
     Royal Canadian Mortgage Investment Corp.
 Magenta Capital Corp.
     Secure Capital MIC       
 MCF Mortgage Investment Corp.
     Vault Mortgage Corp.