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We look forward to seeing you next year! 
See 2019 agenda below. 

Join us on the afternoon of Monday, December 5 for the Virtual New Agent Symposium.

Our Virtual New Agent Symposium brings together speakers and mentors to help support those new to the mortgage industry as well as individuals looking to brush up on the mortgage basics. Strengthen your mortgage career with informative sessions and unique networking opportunities. Meet other newcomers, connect with industry veterans, and get the advice you need to take the mortgage world by storm – all from the comfort of home. 

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This event will be presented in English with closed captioning available.


Members: $25 + tax
Non-Members: $50 + tax



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Monday, December 5

12:00 pm ET

Opening Remarks

Hear from MPC Chair and our Event Host, Veronica Love.    



Veronica Love, AMPC
Chair, MPC Board of Directors

12:05 pm ET

To Port or Not to Port?

Whether we like it or not, porting existing mortgages will be a big part of our future in the next couple of years. Jill will outline what a Port is, how it works, and when a Port may or may not be an option for your client.


Jill Moellering
Mortgage Broker, Mortgage Architects

12:40 pm ET

“I've Got the Dough, Am I Good to Go?”

Join Camille as she walks you through how to confirm income documents from clients. It's great when your clients have money but not so fantastic when they can't prove it. This segment will discuss what is essential to lenders and what lenders are looking for when it comes to income verification and documentation. We will discuss various sources of income and what is required in order to prove that your clients have "got the dough" and are in fact "good to go!".



Camille Robotham
Director of Agent Services & Underwriting, Search Mortgage Corp

1:20 pm ET

In Conversation: Grace Reynolds

Join Veronica Love and Grace Reynolds for a candid conversation on her first two years as a mortgage agent, and what led her to win the Best Newcomer Agent Award in 2018! Grace started her career in the mortgage industry with no financial services background or relationships, and will share what she learned as she grew her business, including how to make your mark in a small community.  


Grace Reynolds
Mortgage Agent, Northwood Mortgage

2:00 pm ET

Mentor Roundtables

Log in and start networking with industry veterans in our virtual portal. Socialize with colleagues, meet professionals from across the country, and have your biggest mortgage questions answered. Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn from and chat with these leaders! 

Click here to meet our mentors.

3:30 pm ET

Step #1 To Success in a Consumer Review Driven World - Up Your Google Game and Online Profile

Who can honestly say that they've mastered the Google game and are favoured in organic search results with top reviews?

Is there more that you could be doing to amp up your public profile to bring in more leads and build trust in a consumer review driven world?

As a new agent, you’re entering into a competitive space with industry veterans who have a whole careers worth of exposure. How are you going to compete and where do you even start?

Join Sarah to learn the first step towards getting noticed, setting yourself apart, and building trust.


Sarah Schneider
VP, Broker Relations Eastern Canada, Mortgage Architects


We've brought industry experts from across Canada together for our Mentor Roundtables. This thoughtfully selected group represents a variety of tenure, role, and area of focus so you can connect with the right leader and have your questions answered.

Be sure to check here for additional mentors leading up to the event.

  • Lucy Biocca
    Mortgage Broker, DLC Valko Financial
  • Stephanie Blake
    Associate Planner, DLC Bluetree Mortgages West
  • Rosa Bovino, AMP
    Mortgage Agent, Invis
  • Ebani Debussac
    Mortgage Agent, TMG The Mortgage Group Prairies Inc
  • Pat Dell, AMP
    Mortgage Agent, Mortgage Architects
  • Shirl Funk, AMP
    Principal Broker, The Mortgage Centre - Shirl Funk Mortgages
  • Roger Grubb, AMP
    Mortgage Broker, Mortgage Alliance Main Street Mortgages
  • Brian Hogben
    Mortgage Broker, Mission35 Mortgages
  • Matthew Imhoff
    Mortgage Broker, Mortgages.ca
  • Nancy Ingram
    Mortgage Agent, Dominion Lending Centres Forest City Funding
  • Jenn Marx
    Mortgage Planner, Mortgage Architects
  • Karen Matthey
    Mortgage Agent, Verico the Mortgage Professionals
  • Michelle McCullough
    Mortgage Broker, Invis
  • Jill Moellering
    Mortgage Associate/Planner, Mortgage Architects
  • Pamela Pikkert, AMP
    Mortgage Agent, Mortgage Alliance – the Place to Mortgage
  • Grace Reynolds
    Mortgage Agent, Northwood Mortgage
  • Camille Robotham
    Director of Agent Services & Underwriting, Search Mortgage Corp
  • Mohinder Pal Singh, AMP
    Broker/Owner, Akal Mortgages
  • Sarah Strauss, AMP
    Broker/Owner, The Place to Mortgage
  • Vanessa Thomas
    Commercial Mortgage Agent, TMG Black Capital
  • Doreen Walsh
    VP, Network Development, Dominion Lending Centres
  • Clinton Wilkins, AMP
    Team Leader, Centum Home Lenders
  • Chad Wilson, AMP
    Principal Broker, Ideal Mortgage Solutions