Advocacy Days

As the voice of the mortgage broker channel, our Advocacy Team is always working on your behalf. Before the pandemic, our Federal Hill Days in Ottawa were our top advocacy initiative. This annual event was filled with dozens of meetings with MPs and senators over an exciting couple of days. Our last in-person meetings took place just a month before the pandemic shut Canada down.


In 2021, we went virtual, with tremendous success! The virtual events have allowed for more member volunteers from across Canada to take part, allowing us to meet more efficiently with more people. During a week in March 2021, we met with over 70 parliamentarians, and MPC was noted in The Hill Times as being the busiest lobbyists that month, just before the election. We got to meet with more policymakers than ever, and at the right time. 

In 2022 we were able to host a hybrid event with some meetings in person while others remained virtual. This format works very well for us as it continues to allow volunteers from all across Canada to participate in our conversations, while at the same time permitting development of the more interpersonal relationships that can more easily be formed in person. In total, we met with over 60 MPs, staff, senators, and policy makers through the week. As always, MPC staff and board members will continue discussions long after the week-long event.

More meetings, more valuable discussions, more opportunities to reinforce the importance of the broker channel to Canadians and our economy.

2022 Activities: