Getting Licensed in Quebec

Mortgage Professionals Canada (MPC) is the proud provider of education required for licensing as an independent mortgage broker (entry level) in the province of Quebec. This AMF authorized French program, is required as the first step for eligibility in the AMF Qualification program to start your new career in mortgage brokering. Participants are strongly encouraged to visit the AMF website to learn about the qualification program and its requirements.  MPC’s CHQ101 program follows the AMF regulator mandated requirements and has been developed by education experts and industry consultants to ensure adult learning principles are provided in the industry practices. The CHQ101 program is geared at those individuals new to the mortgage industry or with less than two (2) years work experience with mortgages in Quebec.

The following prerequisites apply to participants registering for the program:

  • must be over the age of 18
  • must have a minimum secondary 5 education
  • must have a competent understanding of the French language


This unique blended learning approach provides participants a self-study online component for independent learning along with a combined synchronous virtual class component. Sessions have a common start date for all students in the session, where all students receive access to materials on the stated start date. The program is nine (9) weeks in length with three (3) mandatory virtual classes which take place every third week. Virtual classes are mandatory, reinforce learning and assess the competencies of participants. Virtual classes are not interchangeable with other ongoing sessions. The end of program exam consists of multiple choice questions and is administered one (1) week following the last virtual class.

Participants are provided an electronic copy of the two course textbooks F-116 Deontology and Professional Practices and F-611 Mortgage Brokering processes and applications, the cost of which are already included in the course fee ($221) and non-reimbursable.  Students must purchase the two program textbooks with the program.  The F-116 Ethics manual contains six (6) chapters that cover the Acts, regulations and code of conduct. The F-611 manual addresses complex mortgage processes in nine (9) chapters.  

A Program Syllabus is provided to participants upon registering, that outlines the reading requirements for each week and prior to each virtual class. This enables participants to plan ahead and come prepared to discuss topics for virtual classes. Due to the robust and extensive nature of this program, participants must read F116 Deontology prior to the first virtual class, which is three weeks after the start of the program.

Individuals interested in applying for a mortgage broker certificate in Quebec should ensure they visit the AMF website to become familiar with the licensing requirements. Step one is the completion of an approved entry-level mortgage education program such as CHQ101. This program follows the regulator-mandated requirements and has been developed with the assistance of education experts through extensive industry consultation, ensuring alignment with Quebec laws and regulations. Full details on licensing requirements in Quebec can be found on the website of l’Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF).

The program, Courtage hypothécaire au Québec – CHQ101, is offered in French only. Click the button below for more information, upcoming dates and registration.


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