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Getting Licensed in Quebec

Mortgage Professionals Canada (MPC) is the proud provider of education required for mortgage broker licensing in the province of Quebec. Completion of the CHQ101 Courtage hypothécaire au Québec course is required in order to be eligible to take the AMF licensing exam.

CHQ101 is available to participants new to the mortgage industry or to those who have no direct experience in mortgage transactions. The duration is nine weeks.


CHQ101 is a self-study program, where participants must complete online modules along with required readings from the AMF manuals. Manuals are provided to students upon registration. Participants are also given a lesson plan to follow.

Participants are required to complete the online modules as well as their first exam attempt within 90 days of registration. The final exam for the program is administered within one month of a participant completing their online modules. Please ensure to carefully review the Program Policies prior to registration.

The prerequisites for registration are:

  • Be 18 years of age and over;
  • Have at least a secondary 5;
  • Have a competent understanding of the French language.

Participants are strongly encouraged to visit the AMF website to learn about the qualification program and the authorization process and conditions before enrolling in the program.