Health and Dental Benefits Program

Members have exclusive access to a competitive, comprehensive and customizable health and dental benefits program for themselves, their employees and their families. Offered through Sirius Benefits, a People Corporation Company, our program offers comprehensive and customized benefit options as well as value-added services that suit your organization’s specific needs and budget.


If you are already enrolled in the benefits program: your rates and your coverage details are remaining unchanged. A separate communication will be provided in the months to come to address the renewal of the current program.

For more information, email our benefits experts at

Why provide benefits to your employees?

  • Attract and retain quality employees for your business
  • Health and dental premiums are a deductible business expense and a tax-free benefit for your employees
  • Build and maintain morale and loyalty

Why choose the MPC program?

  • Save money on your current benefits program
  • Fully pooled plan that ensures sustainable premiums
  • Submit claims through the quick set up mobile app, 48 hour claims processing
  • Exclusive for MPC members

What coverage is available?

  • Health: Prescription drugs, Health Spending Accounts, medical supplies, massage, chiropractor, physiotherapy, etc.
  • Dental: Cleanings and checkups, x-rays, crowns, dentures and orthodontics
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • EAP HR Support